• Kapsul Masker Collagen  (100%)

    Kapsul Masker Collagen

Kapsul Masker Collagen

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Holla, sis yg sensitif dengan masker diluaran, mau mix masker sendiri dengan extract juice bisa banget lhoo dibikin dirumah.. pakai dengan extract buah dan campurkan masker collagen kapsul ini di adonan masker.. masker organic pun siap dipakai 💕💕
Love banget deh dengan kapsul collagen inii 😊😊😊
Product length: 2.2cm
Ingredients: Collagen, HA, Fish Cartilage, Enzymes
Strong affinity, easy to absorb
Calm, repair, shrink pores, make up water
1. Take a crystal mask capsule and pour the capsule powder into the dried cup;
2, the high efficiency concentrated capsule mask mixing evenly;
3, extract 60-70ML 85 degrees or more hot water (water dispenser can be hot water), into the beaker and mix well and let stand 3-5 minutes;
4. Put the mask paper on the mask board
5. Pour the adjusted solution onto the mask sheet on the film plate and shake it. After cooling, both hands are lifted from the edge and you can use it.
6. Use it once a day for better results.

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