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    KISSUM LipTint


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Best seller eropa dan Korea.
Liptint utk alternatif sulam... Buat yg gak Mau sulam.
Kualitas lebih baik Dari cherips,dapat juga dipakai untuk blush on tint
Gunakan dengan bantuan microbrush

1 box terdiri Dari
- Pre tretment
- After treatment
- 4pc liptint (Red wine,Pink,Hot pink,Red)
untuk cara pemakaian terlampir dalam brosur dan box kissum.

BB Lips Kissum is a gentle coloring pigmenting treatment that emphasizes the lip color and gives the effect of full, beautifully highlighted lips!  The product intensively moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates the skin of the lips, making the lips silky smooth.

The formulation is applied by MTS system ( microneedle therapy system) and the effect is visible immediately after the first treatment up to 2 weeks!  For the durability of the color, it is necessary to perform a series of treatments because as mentioned above it is not permanent makeup. If treatment is repeated the  2-4 times the effect last up to 4-6 months

Box comes with 4 colors: delicate pink, intense pink, red and red wine + 1 Exfoliant and 1 Post Treatment balsam

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